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We may receive compensation from the products or services featured on Dog Food Ranking, and this compensation may affect the order, prominence, or location of specific listings.

Advertising Disclosure

The information contained on this website (including, but not limited to: the reviews, lists, order of appearance, placements, positions, evaluations, comparisons, and links) are paid-for promotional and sponsored advertising content. This website is compensated by the companies advertised on this website when a user clinks on the links and/or makes a purchase from an advertising partner (listed here).

Premium placements throughout our site and advertising are sometimes made available to our advertising partners. Advertising partners can influence their order and ranking on our website, including where they appear on the page. The order in which a partner appears, or their position may be influenced by their historic performance and/or commission. Partner’s rank, order, and placement are all subject to change.

However, all reviews are generated in accordance with our process which can be found here. Our process involves research, analysis, and review of publicly available information as well as hands-on experience, if available.

While we make every effort to produce and display the most accurate information on our site, the fast-moving nature of online information means newer information sometimes becomes available. Whenever we find new information, we will quickly update our site to ensure its as current as possible. If you have any questions whatsoever while reviewing our site and its content, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Any links clicked on our site may result in us receiving compensation from the advertising partner.

Free Products
For some reviews we received a free sample product to aid in the writing of the review.

Please note that although we may receive a product, that does not necessarily mean we will write a review or that we will write a favorable review. We do try to work with brands and products that are the best in their respective category, which helps us to not have to write overly negative reviews.

Our Partners
A majority of the links to products on our site are “affiliate links,” meaning that purchases made after those links are clicked will provide us with a commission, which is how we are able to continue writing reviews.

Not every company listed on our site will provide a commission. That said, the companies that provide us a commission and are therefore our advertising partners are (in no particular order):
Farmer’s Dog
Nom Nom
Spot & Tango
Open Farm
Raised Right
Just Food for Dogs
Pet Plate
Darwin’s Natural Pet Products


Dog Food Ranking Methodology

We take a comprehensive, unbiased approach in everything we do. Here’s a look at how we approach our reviews and rankings:

research icon

First, We Research

First, We Research

Before we even begin reviewing dog food brands, we look at what the science says. We review studies and consult with top veterinarian-nutritionists to find out what’s best for every type of dog. We also identify what dogs with various health conditions and dietary restrictions need most.


Then, We Assess

Then, We Assess

Once we’ve established what different dogs need from their food, we use that information to guide our evaluation of individual brands and product lines. We look at every aspect—from the menu, nutrition and portions to the pricing, promotions and fine print, saving you time and energy.


Next, We Test

Next, We Test

We wouldn’t be in this business if we weren’t loving pet owners ourselves. We want the best for our pups just as much as you do for yours. That’s why we let our dogs do the barking—we let them try the food we review to determine how they like the taste and if the portions are sized correctly.


Finally, We Read Up

Finally, We Read Up

We pore through hundreds of consumer reviews on every dog food brand and plan we evaluate to determine what real customers have to say. We identify common themes—both positive and negative, which may be of interest to dog owners shopping for the best food for their pup.