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Farmer's Dog Dog Food Review

A fresh and convenient pet food service that sends pre-portioned meals personalized to each dog’s age, weight, breed and more directly to dog owner’s doors, The Farmer’s Dog is a simple solution for pet owners who only want the best in their pups’ bowls. Featuring fresh food that’s safe enough for humans to eat, but nutritionally balanced for dogs, and a variety of flavors, this dog food service delivers both nutrition and flavor.

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Customer Reviews

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Lilly S.

The Farmer’s Dog is the best food I have ever fed my dog. Ever. My dog (22 lb terrier mix) has never been particularly food motivated and commonly went a day or two without eating because she simply wasn’t interested in kibble. She ate when she needed to sustain herself, but wasn’t ever excited about. We have been feeding The Farmer’s Dog for about two months, and I am not kidding when I say she now BARKS at us and spins in circles when we start to prepare her meals! She has never ever shown joy for food like that in her life! Since feeding this food she has NEVER skipped a meal and eats everything in about 30 seconds… and still begs for more after. We also have noticed a major increase in energy and happiness and didn’t even realize how generally lethargic she was due to her skipping meals (and worse nutrition from kibble probably). This food is definitely an investment but worth every single penny! Our pups have such short lives and deserve to be pampered and enjoy the little things in life. BUY THIS FOOD!!!

A Jo

Best out there! One of our dogs had diabetes for 3 years and she was able to stay within her blood sugar realm by eating this food. We tried multiple other companies, however, The Farmer's Dog was the best choice for us. Yes, it's very expensive, but well worth it. We loved the food so much that we've purchased it for our second dog. I also need to mention that when we cancelled our subscription due to the death of our dog, we received a special delivery of beautiful flowers as a condolence from The Farmer's Dog. It was so thoughtful and meaningful. Thank you again for being so personable.

Barbara R.

This is an amazing product I wish I’d found when my 12-year-old chihuahua, Lucy, was a pup. I had her on what was supposedly the best dog food, but Farmers Dog takes it to a whole new level. After only a couple weeks, her breath is fresher, she has more energy, and her “bathroom habits” are healthier. I used to have to hand feed her or she wouldn’t eat, but she needs no added encouragement to dive into this great food. Also, their customer service is personal, proactive, and the best I’ve ever experienced. Thank you for loving our pups like we do, FD.


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First, We Research

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Then, We Assess

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Next, We Test

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Finally, We Read Up

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