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Ollie Dog Food Review

Ollie is a subscription-based, fresh food delivery service for the “goodest” doggos in your life. You get a customized feeding plan based on your pup’s age, weight, breed and activity level and fresh, small-batch meals made with human-grade ingredients. It’s delivered to your door on your schedule, an added convenience for busy pet owners. So if you’re a dog mom or dad with a picky eater or a pup with a sensitive stomach or other digestive issues, Ollie is a great choice for you. Keep reading for pros and cons, pricing and comparisons to top brands on the market.

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Customer Reviews

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I have been hearing about fresh food for a while now and was skeptical about it. Luca (16 weeks, Rottie) has a sensitive stomach. I tried stuff like dewormers and pumpkin powder, but nothing seemed to help. He wasn't eating properly either. I switched to Ollie two weeks ago, and boy, the magic happened. Luca is cleaning the bowl, no more stomach issues, and seem much more energetic.

Gary N.

Our greyhound had diarrhea the first 2 years we had him. Raw food helped a bit, but was awful---really unpleasant--- to handle in the kitchen. Another greyhound owner recommended Ollie. We chose the Chicken with Carrots recipe. Our dog loves it and it totally cured his digestive problem. Pleasant to handle. Smells good. And I love the home delivery and great customer service!


The joy on my dog's face at meal time each day now warms my heart. The fact that his smile is associated with vital health benefits is joyous. Pip has always had a hard time eating, a problem compounded by the extraction of a couple dozen teeth earlier this year. Now, he eats 2x per day (as per feeding guidelines), beaming with a wagging tail. At the dog park, Pip jaunts around the 0.33 mile loop as he enjoys more sniffs and smiles all around. Ollie, On The Human End: Excellent customer service. Kind and empathetic. Ollie for the M.V.P.


Dog Food Ranking Methodology

We take a comprehensive, unbiased approach in everything we do. Here’s a look at how we approach our reviews and rankings:

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First, We Research

First, We Research

Before we even begin reviewing dog food brands, we look at what the science says. We review studies and consult with top veterinarian-nutritionists to find out what’s best for every type of dog. We also identify what dogs with various health conditions and dietary restrictions need most.


Then, We Assess

Then, We Assess

Once we’ve established what different dogs need from their food, we use that information to guide our evaluation of individual brands and product lines. We look at every aspect—from the menu, nutrition and portions to the pricing, promotions and fine print, saving you time and energy.


Next, We Test

Next, We Test

We wouldn’t be in this business if we weren’t loving pet owners ourselves. We want the best for our pups just as much as you do for yours. That’s why we let our dogs do the barking—we let them try the food we review to determine how they like the taste and if the portions are sized correctly.


Finally, We Read Up

Finally, We Read Up

We pore through hundreds of consumer reviews on every dog food brand and plan we evaluate to determine what real customers have to say. We identify common themes—both positive and negative, which may be of interest to dog owners shopping for the best food for their pup.