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Darwin's Dog Food Review

Many experts agree that feeding your pup a raw-food diet can help increase energy, improve skin and coat conditions, boost their health and immune system, and more. And Darwin’s Natural Pet Products helps make it less daunting with their hormone-free, high-quality meats and vegetables that have been minimally processed and kept raw to preserve vital nutrients. With Darwin’s Pet, you get the benefits of natural, raw meals your dog was meant to eat with the convenience of balanced, prepackaged meals delivered to your door, making it a tail-wagging win-win.

Accurate as of Mar 2024

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Customer Reviews

What others are saying

Dana K.

I've always had active healthy pets but made the switch to Darwin's because one dog developed allergies. The allergies cleared up, but the most visually obvious change is that my two mutts have the most beautiful, healthy coats. I get compliments all the time on how good looking and healthy they are. I attribute it to their great Darwin's diet.

Cheri I.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My dogs never really enjoyed their meals before. I would come home from work to find they hadn't even touched their breakfast. They LOVE Darwin’s. They come running when they hear me getting it ready. They lick their bowls clean. Both have more energy and better breath. Never thought I would ever see them so excited for meal times!

Amanda B

I have an extremely picky pup, and I’ve been going through all kinds of subscriptions and foods the past couple of months. I recently figured out my pup loves raw meat, I’m so thankful to have come across this company. I've never seen her so motivated to eat like she did when I put Darwin’s on her plate. I can’t wait for her to try all the other kinds of meat they sent her. She’s very happy and so am I.


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First, We Research

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Finally, We Read Up

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