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Raised Right Dog Food Review

If you’re a dog lover who doesn’t just treat your pet like family, you want to feed your pets like family, Raised Right is meant for you. Their home-cooked-style whole food recipes were expertly formulated by world renowned veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker to be high protein and low carb, so you won’t find any of the common fillers or fake ingredients here. Plus, Raised Right can proudly make the human-grade dog food claim as all of their ingredients meet the standards necessary for human consumption and all of their food is made in a USDA inspected human-grade facility. Additionally, every single batch is lab safety tested before being shipped to your door. So you can feel good about feeding your prized pup a healthy, homemade meal—without the work.

Accurate as of May 2024

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Customer Reviews

What others are saying

Leona M.

I have tried several cooked human-grade foods for my two dogs, and I have found that Raised Right is the best. My dogs get very excited at meal time because they know that they are going to get food that they love. Raised Right has natural ingredients and doesn't have a bunch of unknown chemicals in their food. My dogs love all the varieties and gobble up all their food in no time. The packaging is easy to open and store. My older dogs have a lot of energy and I attribute it to Raised Right food.

Tristram L.

I had been using gently cooked dog foods for a while when I came across Raised Right. I was astonished at how much higher in protein it was over all the other foods. I switched over and noticed right away why. It has absolutely no fillers in it. I’d never go back to anything else.

Anthony R.

I have 2 rescues. Since I’ve been giving them Raised Right, they are now at a healthy wait & the intermittent GI problems that they were experiencing have completely disappeared. As stated, best dog food ever!!!


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First, We Research

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Then, We Assess

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Next, We Test

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Finally, We Read Up

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